Sabine Kaipainen: mezzo soprano, traverse flute, recorder
Sabine Kaipainen received diplomas for studies in singing, traverse flute and recorder. She pursued additional studies in Baroque gestures in London and Paris. Her performances as a singer and flautist have been heard in numerous recordings and concerts including festival appearances in Helsinki and Moscow. She has given master classes at venues including the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Together with her husband, Tuomas Kaipainen, Sabine Kaipainen is director of the concert series “In the Rathaus at 4” in Thun, Switzerland. In addition to music, which cannot be captured in a “material” way, Sabine Kaipainen practices the art of dressmaking.

Tuomas Kaipainen: Baroque oboe, Baroque bassoon,
recorder, oboe
Born in Helsinki, Tuomas Kaipainen studied recorder and Baroque oboe in Vienna. During his stay in Vienna, he was a member of the well-known ensembles “Les Menestrels” and “Musica Antiqua Wien”. Tuomas Kaipainen studied modern oboe in Bern, Switzerland and in Linz, Austria. He has performed in numerous recordings and in concerts at international venues including the festivals of Salzburg, Moscow and Helsinki. He has given several master classes for institutions such as the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.

Sabine and Tuomas Kaipainen foto by Camenisch